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The Museum of the 60s

We had an idea of organising "The Museum of the 60s" dedicated to the most interesting period of the human history for a long time. Finally our idea is brought to life and you can make a trip to the most exciting time period of the last century.

Why the sixties?

We are often asked about the reason of making a museum about the sixties in particular. What was so interesting about it?

Memories about the 60s even now can excite with their naive rebellion, love to the mystery, aestheticism, style and experiments with consciousness...

The time of films by Leonid Gaidai, Alfred Hitchcock, Federico Fellini, books written by Jean-Paul Sartre, songs by Vladimir Vysotsky and Ella Fitzgerald. Cold War, exploration of the space, creation of ARPANET. The Beatles, the Doors, Led Zeppelin. Skinny legs of Twiggy. A small little white dress of Jacqueline Kennedy. French Manicure. Bikini. Farewell with such great personalities as Ernest Hemingway, Marilyn Monroe, Walt Disney, Edith Piaf. The time of breakfasts at Tiffany's. Heyday of feminism. Active use of LSD and other psychedelics. The blossoming of art-house and pop art. .... may be that is why we are so much interested in the 60s.

This time period became the crucial decade, which really influenced the course of modern living. That is why knowing the history of the 60s can be very helpful for understanding the practice of contemporary art. Sixties are considered to be the period of transition from industrial society to the post-industrial one, where human relation to the world stopped being immediate, and mass media started to play a determinative role. This period of time is the golden age of mass culture and is the first decade of the human history which was fixed in audiovisual forms: by means of audio records, photography, cinema and television. Our museum is dedicated to this astonishing age of the humanity.

"The Museum of the 60s" is not a classical museum where you cannot touch anything. On the contrary we encourage you to sit on the sofa, which was made right in the sixties, drink a cup of tea and leaf through our collection of magazines, books and photo albums from the 60s.

Film screenings, acoustic concerts, master classes, literary meetings and other interesting events are often held in our museum.

We are not in a disposition of the huge space but that creates a cozy atmosphere where you can feel yourself comfortable.

We are very glad to welcome our guests!

Peace and Love!